The problem we want to help solve:

My Tutor Club has decided to work with Children in Crisis on one of their ongoing projects: the Community Based Education centres in Kabul, Afghanistan.

In 2003, the Afghan government introduced embargoes to prevent over-crowding in Years 1 & 2 of primary school. As a result, 5 million children, many from marginalised and disadvantaged backgrounds, were denied the chance to attend primary school. The Community Based Education centres provide a safe and welcoming environment for 700 of these excluded children to complete their primary school education every year.

About our partner Children In Crisis

Founded in 1993, Children in Crisis is a UK-registered international children’s charity, helping children in some of the world’s poorest countries gain access to the education they need to help transform
their lives.

Children in Crisis help to provide education, training, protection and enhanced life opportunities for children who as a result of war, remoteness, or a lack of government services, are missing out on quality schooling and may be living in dangerous circumstances.

A recent UNESCO report stated that 56 million children will still be out of school in 2015. Children in Crisis are on a mission to reduce this figure by supporting children to read, write, think, pursue their life goals and contribute positively to their communities.