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Our tutors are well experienced in the (I)GCSE syllabus and in preparing students for these important exams. In addition to teaching knowledge and content, our tutors will teach students how to sit the exams, which is just as important as knowing the syllabus content.

We offer both In-Person and Online (I)GCSE Tuition so you can learn in the environment that suits you best. Either way, our tutors make the learning process enjoyable and engaging so that you stay motivated throughout your tuition programme and “peak” as the summer exams begin.

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The (I)GCSE Syllabus

Our tutors will guide you through the syllabus, explain areas of difficulty and ensure that you feel confident about the exam content.

Revision Tips

Our tutors will advise you on how best to structure and plan your (I)GCSE revision programme so that you study as efficiently and effectively as possible, avoiding any last minute cramming or panic.

(I)GCSE Coursework

Our tutors will guide and advise you through the syllabus, and will focus on helping you to apply your knowledge into a well structured piece. Our tutors will also suggest wider reading and provide constructive feedback.

Exam Technique

Just as important as learning the course content is exam technique. Knowing how to apply your knowledge in the exam environment is crucial to success at (I)GCSE level. Our tutors will explain and go through past papers so that you learn what the examiners are really looking for in your answers.

(I)GSCE Courses

At My Tutor Club we also hold (I)GCSE Revision Booster courses to ensure you are fully prepared and full of confidence for these exams. Classes are limited to 7 students and cover all the key concepts for Maths, English, the three Sciences, History and Latin. Study skills, revision tips and exam technique will also be covered by the tutor.

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