Online accessibility

As long as you have an internet connection you can learn from our expert tutors regardless of where you are in the world. If you live abroad, your child is at boarding school or you are going on holiday, online tutoring is a great alternative to breaking geographical barriers and to learn from our fantastic tutors.

Convenient and Time Efficient

No more travelling to meet your tutor or paying for the tutor’s travel time. It takes 2 minutes to log into your own secure online classroom. You can also study wherever you feel most comfortable – be that your bedroom, kitchen table, a coffee shop or even the garden!


Online tutoring is cheaper than traditional face-to-face tuition: no fuel costs, parking tickets or paying for the tutor’s travel expenses.


Online tutorials are one-to-one between the student and the tutor. Regardless of distance, the online learning platform and voice conferencing software create a uniquely intimate and interactive learning environment.

Online Resources

Online tutoring allows students to engage more readily with the wealth of multimedia resources and the extensive materials that are available online.


For students and young people who are used to Skype and software, the technology is actually a benefit to learning rather than an hindrance. Our tutors know how to make the most of the technology for illustrative purposes by using photos, animations, drawings, and diagrams.

How online tuition works

Common FAQ’s about Online Tuition

You need a computer, laptop or iPad. In addition, a microphone, headset and a good internet connection are required. Voice communication is conducted via Skype which can be downloaded for free from here.
No. Your tutor will send you a link which will ask you to download a quick plugin that only takes a few seconds, and then you will be connected to the classroom for the lesson.
Our online tutoring encompasses many of the key aspects of our individualised in-person learning programmes. Classes are all one-to-one, interactive, discussion based and tailored to the student’s requirements. In fact, we have found that students concentrate even better with online tutoring as they enjoy using the technology and being on the computer.
The majority of our students have found online tuition to be an efficient, effective and engaging mode of instruction, especially for students at GCSE level and above (although we also currently tutor students as young as 10 years old who really enjoy the whole experience). If you are unsure whether online tuition is the right fit for you My Tutor Club is happy to listen to any concerns that you may have, talk you through the process and use our experience to advise whether we think online learning is the best fit for you.

Subjects We Teach:

Maths, English

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Latin, Mandarin, Japanese and English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

History, Geography, Religious Studies

Economics, Politics, Law, International Relations, Finance, Business Studies

Oxbridge applications, UK & US university applications

Levels We Teach:

11+ / 13+


AS / A Level

International Baccalaureate (IB)

University Level

How online tuition works

How We Work


1. Contact Us

Please telephone us on + 44 (0)208 874 6422 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your specific academic requirements.


2. Tutor Selection

We carefully select a tutor to match your requirements. We will send you your proposed tutor’s CV outlining his/her tutoring experience and academic background.


3. First Lesson

Meet your tutor online using Skype. (If you do not currently have a Skype account you can download it here for free). Your tutor will meet you with a lesson plan and show you to the interactive classroom.


4. Ongoing Feedback

Tutors provide parents with feedback at the end of every lesson (either via the online classroom or by email). At the end of the month, tutors will send detailed academic reports outlining progress made and areas for improvement.


Our family was relocating to London and our two children had several weekly online lessons with MyTutorClub before and after our move to help them catch up and ease into the British education system. Our tutors were fantastic! They had a thorough knowledge of the syllabi, exam requirements and boosted their confidence through this big transition. The children also thought it was ‘really cool’ to have lessons on their ipads and laptops.
Parent from Italy, relocating to London with two children
Online tuition with MyTutorClub was definitely the right choice for me. I can easily schedule lessons around my classes and regardless of whether I am on campus, at home or travelling I can still have my weekly lessons. The interactive classroom is really easy to use and engaging – it also means my notes are all in one place. I would highly recommend online tuition and MyTutorClub’s tutors to any fellow student.
MA university student from Saudi Arabia, currently studying in the USA
My son actually found online tuition more engaging than in person tuition as he loved the technology aspect of the classes. He could learn from home, which was also very convenient for us and was able to record the lessons so he could revisit the topics again and again. My Tutor Club were very supportive and hands on throughout the process and as a result we received a place to our first choice – St Paul’s School. We are delighted!
Parent from USA, son applying to St Paul's for 13+
I was preparing to sit my professional UK law exams but was based in Dubai in the months leading up to the exam. With My Tutor Club’s online tuition I was able to still access the best British tutors while easily booking lessons around my professional schedule. The online learning experience was of very high quality, so much so that I actually forgot my tutor was based 4,500 miles away.
Professional based in Dubai
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