• cultural education

Ideas for cultural enrichment for children in London


No school wants an exam robot for a student, and more and more often, schools offer interviews because they are looking for engaged, passionate learners with well-rounded cultural interests. London is packed with great days […]

  • exam-technique

Exam technique


Just try it
One of the most common ways for candidates to lose marks in exams is because they say things like, “I can’t do it”, “I don’t understand”, or, “I haven’t done a question like […]

  • medicine

Mastering Applications to read Medicine: key steps


Medicine is an extremely competitive degree course, with the UK attracting applicants from across the world. Less than 10% of aspiring doctors are offered a place each year, and with standards rising, it is becoming […]

  • chemistrylibguide

The key to combating (I)GCSE Science Exams


In the busy world of a teenager’s GCSE exams (including (I)GCSE Science exams), it can seem an overwhelming feat to learn a comprehensive range of revision notes, case studies and technical vocabulary for multiple subject […]

  • essaysteps

A-Level History Essay Technique


One of the most difficult parts of transitioning from GCSEs into AS and A-Level subjects is learning how to structure essays. This blog sets out what to prioritise in each part of your answer.



This […]

  • Vanya-and-sonia_Broadway-1280x770

The Play’s the Thing: GCSE Drama


It goes without saying that a song without music cannot be considered a song. Songs were written to be performed aloud, allowing their listeners to hear the combination of the rhythms, rhymes and expression of […]

  • keep-calm-and-do-some-pshe

Physical, Social and Health Education: why it matters


Why PSHE Matters
*PSHE is being cut*
The UK has long been lagging behind Europe in Literacy and Numeracy (an estimated 100,000 pupils leave school functionally illiterate every year*), and far behind top literate and numerate countries […]

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11+ revision advice for Christmas holidays


Over the past week, we have received a number of inquiries from parents asking us about how their children should approach 11+ revision during the upcoming Christmas holidays. Therefore, we thought it would be useful […]

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Creative Writing for 7+ and 8+


7+ and 8+ creative writing is, for many students, one of the most difficult sections of the 7+ and 8+ exams. Whereas questions in Maths simply must be solved and there are only a finite […]

  • brexit

Brexit and its effects on the education sector


On the 23rd June 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. What impact will this political earthquake have on the UK education sector?

For the independent sector, there is some concern that the […]

  • apple-iphone-desk-office

How Technology Is Changing The Way That We Learn


Technology has changed pretty much every single aspect of our lives, from self-driving cars to self-ordering fridges, so it’s only natural that this technological revolution would affect the way in which we gather and retain […]

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Does Having A Hobby Help You Live Longer?


Whether you’re at school, college or university, there will always be time in your busy schedule of studying for hobbies.
Hobbies are a way of filling up your time with something that you are interested in, […]

  • Screenshot 2016-05-03 22.43.40

5 Golden Tips to Get Into University


Gaining admission into a top university can be extremely competitive. Simply following application instructions is the minimum requirement to get in, because there’s a lot more to it than just form filling.
My Tutor Club works with […]

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What Kind Of A Learner Are You?


There are four different types of learners and each of us has our own preference and natural learning style. Some may only be one type of learner while others benefit from a mixture of all […]

  • books-magazines-building-school

Choosing The Right University For You


With over one hundred universities in the UK alone, here at My Tutor Club, we know that looking through university choices can be a stressful process, especially as there are a number of different factors […]

  • calculator-scientific

Which Subjects Should I Choose To Study?


Whether you’re thinking about what GCSE or A-Level subjects to choose, or even which university degree you wish to undertake, each stage will act as an important stepping stone for the next one. We look […]

  • inquisitive

Why it’s Important to be Inquisitive


Steve Jobs – a name many of us will never forget. The former Apple Inc CEO revolutionised the music, technology, and telecommunications world with the iPod, Mac and iPhone.
One of Steve Jobs’ greatest qualities was […]

  • 11-plus-exams

Why a University Degree Is Important


In 2015, more than half a million people applied to attend universities in the UK on UCAS. The number exceeded the previous record, set in 2011, just before the rise in tuition fees.
There is constant […]

  • why-experience-is-an-important-teacher

Why Experience Is An Important Teacher?


You will have many teachers, tutors and lecturers during your journey through education, but it is worth remembering that each event that happens in your life acts as a teacher in its own way; teaching […]

  • Where Are The Best Places To Revise?

Where Are The Best Places To Revise?


Choosing an appropriate place to revise is vital when it comes to you maintaining the highest levels of concentration and efficiency. While it may be tempting to pick the easy option such as your home, […]

  • Top-10-Tips-For-Revising

Top 10 Tips For Revising


The revision period is perhaps the most important time in your school calendar, and with it can come added pressure and stress. However, MyTutorClub have successfully helped hundreds of students through this testing period, so […]

  • best-food-for-study

The 6 Best Foods to Eat While Revising


There isn’t a study that proves it yet, but we can all agree that revising seems to bring on a particular type of hunger that must be immediately satisfied with whatever is closest to us. […]

  • Coggle

The Best Websites For Helping With Your Studies


There’s a number of great resources available for students to make the process of studying easier, and we look below at some of the best websites for helping with your studies.


You may be told that […]

  • learning apps

7 Best Apps To Help You With Your Studies


Being a student can be hard, especially when you have several different subjects to juggle at once. Luckily, thanks to new technology, there are plenty of apps out there specifically designed to make the life […]

  • socrates

Role of Socratic questioning in teaching


My favourite quote regarding learning and teaching comes from Albert Einstein:

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information and information is not knowledge.”

Merely filling the empty minds of passive students without letting them engage “actively” […]

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11 plus revision over the Christmas break


11 plus revision advice for the Christmas period?

We have received countless inquiries from parents asking us about how their children should approach 11+ revision. We thought it would be useful to offer you a few […]

  • Frankenstein11+

11+ Comprehension


Five Golden Strategies to score higher marks

11+ comprehension is, for many students, one of the most difficult papers for the 11+. Whereas questions in the Maths papers are maximum a couple of lines long, for the […]

  • creativewriting

11+ creative writing tips


11+ creative writing is arguably one of the most difficult components of the 11+ exams for candidates. At My Tutor Club, we emphasise the importance of writing about description over action. Using a range of […]

  • 7 plus

7+ and 8+ assessments


7+ or 8+ ?

Individual prep schools have their own admission policies and entry points. Parents must check beforehand for the schools that they are applying to if it is 7+ or 8+ entry.

(from now on, […]

  • personal_statement

University Personal Statement


How to transform a good personal statement into an outstanding one

The first term of Year 13 is difficult. On top of your heavy work load for A-Levels or IB, you also need to think about […]

  • Creative-Writing

11+ Creative Writing


11+ Creative Writing: Six Golden Strategies To Score Higher Marks

11+ creative writing is, for many students, one of the most difficult sections of the 11+ exams. Whereas questions in Maths simply must be solved and there are […]

  • gcse results

GCSE Results: What’s next?


GCSE results are out. Here are some tips and advice
Have your documentation ready

Before you leave for school to get your GCSE results, make sure you have a mobile phone, pen, and your student exam number.
If you are […]

  • decision 3

A-Level Results: What next?


Now that you know your A-Level results, the months of anxiety and what ifs can come to an end. You now have a sense of clarity. For some, you have met the grade requirements which have […]

  • understanding 11+

Demystifying the 11 Plus Process


The 11 plus process doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may first seem. Organisation and early preparation are key. Over the summer holidays, we have received a number of inquiries about timelines, processes, […]

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Tips and Advice for A-Level Results Day


It’s that time of year again. A-Level results are out later this week. Here are some last minute tips & advice:


Have your documentation ready

Make sure you have your UCAS track number to hand. You will […]

  • summer fun

Fun learning ideas for the summer holidays


Summer holidays are a time for children to have fun, rest and relax.

But how do we make sure that children keep “ticking over” during the long summer break without opening a text book.

Below are some […]

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How to approach (i)GCSE English Literature revision: Plays


(i)GCSE English Literature revision is difficult. How you approach your revision can be the key to success 

Over the last couple of weeks we have received many enquiries from parents asking us how students should approach (i)GCSE English Literature revision.

Unlike Maths […]

  • blog_interviews

11+ School Interviews


Ahead of My Tutor Club’s 11+ school interview practice sessions on 20-21 December 2017, here are some tips as to what you should and should not do.


Dominate the conversation: it’s a two-way conversation
Roll […]

  • evening_standard

Home schooling on the rise


We’ve had a great end to the week – we’ve just found out that the Evening Standard featured My Tutor Club’s Founder, Cyrus Afkhami, in their article about private tuition and home schooling.

Click below to read the full […]

  • quick_tips

A-level revision technique


With January drawing to close, there are approximately 10 weeks of term time remaining between now and the start of AS and A2 levels.

While these exams are of course extremely important, especially for those with […]

  • 11_plus_vocab

11+ Comprehension: improve your marks


One key way to improve your marks in the 11+ comprehension is to develop a broad and mature vocabulary.

Just a couple of misunderstood words in the text can lead to an unfortunate loss of marks, […]

  • essay_writing

GCSE History Essays


GCSE History essays are difficult. For many students taking GCSE History, how to structure your GCSE History essays and source responses are often the most challenging parts of the course. Learning core facts and remembering […]

  • maths_gcse

Get a highter grade in GCSE Maths


Getting a higher grade in GCSE Maths is a concern for many students. GCSE Maths is, for many students, one of the most difficult exams that they will have to sit in the summer of […]

  • 11_plus_reading_list

11+ reading list


Having a 11+ reading list is a key step towards improving your child’s prospects in the 11+ English exams

Below is a suggested 11+ reading list for students applying to the leading independent schools. The books […]

  • Questions

11+ Interview Questions


Common 11+ interview questions which all 11+ candidates should read before an 11+ interview.

The school interview is an increasingly important component in the 11+ applications process.

To be put on the waiting list for our next […]

  • idiom_quote

11+ phrases for comprehension and writing


It is important to learn some 11+ phrases for comprehension and writing. In all 11+ comprehensions, there will be some expressions (or idioms) that students will be expected to understand. It is often quite difficult […]

  • practice_makes_perfect

11+ School Interviews advice


11+ school interviews are becoming an increasingly important part of the 11+ admissions process especially at schools such as Eton College, St Paul’s, Winchester, Harrow and Westminster. Here is some general advice on how to […]

  • merry_christmas

Season’s Greetings From My Tutor Club


2014 has been a very exciting year for My Tutor Club:

In our second full year, we were delighted to have been shortlisted as “UK Private Tuition company of the Year” for the prestigious 2014 Education […]

  • revise_on

11+ Revision Over The Christmas Break


11+ revision advice for the Christmas period?

We have received countless inquiries from parents asking us about how their children should approach 11+ revision. We thought it would be useful to offer you a few guidelines […]

  • 11_plus_vocab

11+ Comprehension


A broad and mature vocabulary is crucial to ensure success at the 11+ comprehension.

However just a couple of misunderstood words in the 11+ comprehension can lead to an unfortunate loss of marks, or worse still, […]

  • Homework

Homework: What To Expect


The amount of homework a child receives clearly depends on the age of the child and his / her academic strengths. 30-45 minutes of good quality studying (where there are no interruptions and concentration is […]

  • online_lesson1

Benefits Of Online Tutoring


More and more of our students are now learning through one-to-one online tutoring.

Students and parents have been telling us why they love online tutoring. Here are some of their main reasons below:-

As long as you […]

  • UK-universities

How To Choose Which University To Apply For


Applicants to UK universities can submit up to 5 universities on their UCAS form.

So what should candidates be thinking about when they come to finalise their shortlist? What things should candidates bear in mind? Below […]

  • exam

7+ / 8+ / 10+ / 11+ mock exams


Experience an exam environment, practice under exam conditions, build confidence and reduce nerves on exam day with My Tutor Club’s mock exam session.

Mock exams are designed to give candidates sitting exams in January 2015 an opportunity to […]

  • British_Museum_Dome

October half term: Group lessons at British Museum


My Tutor Club is offering history and culture lessons to students over the October half term.

The Aim: Learn outside the classroom, broaden your horizons, and visit exhibitions that will boost your child’s knowledge and confidence in […]

  • 11_plus_vocab

Most common “difficult” words in 11+ comprehension


11+ Comprehension: Make sure you know what these words mean!

A broad and mature vocabulary is crucial to ensure success at the 11+ comprehension. However just a couple of misunderstood words in the text can lead to an unfortunate […]

  • 13_booster_course

13+ Revision Booster Courses


Ahead of the ISEB 13+ mocks on 3rd – 6th November, My Tutor Club is holding its next 13+ Common Entrance Revision Booster course on 20 – 21st October. Revise core content, practice exam technique, […]

  • 11_booster_course

11 Plus Revision Booster courses


Revise core content, practice exam technique, build confidence and brush away any nerves with My Tutor Club’s 11 plus Revision Booster course. The two-day course (8 hours in total) is designed for students sitting their 11+ exams in January […]

  • understanding_11

The 11 plus process explained


The 11 plus process doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may first seem. Organisation and early preparation are key. Over the past few weeks, we have received countless inquiries about timelines, processes, academic […]

  • 4667.Back_to_school_4

How to jumpstart your new school year


So a new school year has now started again and the holidays seem a long way off. Here are some tips to ease the transition from holiday mode back into study mode…

Start going to bed […]

  • Startup Stock Photos

Training Days for Private Tutors


Here at My Tutor Club, we take great pride and care in ensuring our private tutors receive the best training and guidance as possible. We believe in ensuring that our carefully selected tutors have the […]

  • EDUCATION-Alevels-Bristo_582

GCSE Results Day: Tips and advice


GCSE results are out: here are some tips & advice:

Have your documentation ready

Before you leave for school to get your GCSE results, make sure you have a mobile phone, pen, and your student exam number.

If you are unable to make […]