We provide bespoke and expert guidance on how to write your university personal statement. Our subject-focused tutors will show you how to structure the statement, what content to include and how to make it personal and unique to you. Only this way can a personal statement stand out from the competition.

    • We will guide you through drafting your personal statement to ensure that it reflects your academic potential.
    • Be prepared to write a lot! We will help you draft and redraft and redraft until we have a compact and polished statement that cover and address your complete profile.
    • Our approach to writing the personal statement is to reflect on your unique story and to demonstrate your own unique brand profile. We call this stage of the process “profile branding;” in other words we craft the core messages that we want the admissions committee to know about you.
    • Once we know your core messages, we can then decide which of your past experiences to highlight, assess what stories will make you stand out, write drafts and finalise a polished product.
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