Where Are The Best Places To Revise?


    Choosing an appropriate place to revise is vital when it comes to you maintaining the highest levels of concentration and efficiency. While it may be tempting to pick the easy option such as your home, you need to asses where is going to be quiet, with the least distractions but also allows for regular breaks. We look below at the best places to revise.

    Your Home

    Your home is the most obvious choice to start with. It will allow you to easily begin your revision early in the morning without the need for travelling long distances and delaying your schedule. You’ll be familiar with your surroundings, knowing where you work best in the house and how you can take regular breaks.

    However, some of My Tutor Club’s students have found that their home can sometimes be too distracting, especially if their family members are home. It can be hard to mentally view your home as a place of work, meaning it’s difficult to stay regimented with your revision schedule. Only work at home if you can be sure that you can remain focused and productive, and if your family members will be in let them know your revision schedule.

    A Library

    A library, whether this be a public library or your school/university library, is another great choice to revise as its emphasis on total silence will lend to very few distractions. It may also contain a host of relevant source material that you can use to further your revision. Work out how you revise best; some students find that they need this level of quiet to revise efficiently.

    Where Are The Best Places To Revise?

    Your School Or University

    Your school or university can be the perfect place to revise as it will be geared towards your upcoming exams, again providing you with the level of quiet and minimal distractions that you may need. You will be able to work around your school or university timetable; a structure that many of our students have found useful.

    A Park

    A park can be another great place to revise, and if you find the right spot it can lend to the same level of quiet as a library, with the added benefit of fresh air. However, a park isn’t always practical, especially if you need to do lots of note-taking.

    A Coffee Shop

    Coffee shops are usually hubs for workers and students, and some students work better with a bit of activity and noise around them. Sometimes being surrounded by likeminded individuals helps you to push on with your own work. And while you would probably achieve this better at school or university, it can be a good idea to mix up the different places where you revise.

    Things To Consider

    These are just some of the many places that My Tutor Club’s students have found work well for them, but you may have a different place that is your ideal spot. When choosing your revision space be sure to look for a place that generally has low levels of noise for less distractions, the ideal temperature that isn’t too hot or too cold, provides lots of natural light rather than artificial light, as well as plenty of fresh air to help stimulate the brain.

    Rotate where you revise with different spots to help keep yourself motivated and engaged; find what works for you and plan your schedule accordingly. If you need help with your revision schedule, get in touch with us at hello@mytutorclub.com!

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